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Happy New Year 2016

The next New Year is approaching. The current year is going to be in the ledgers of time soon. Only several days left for the New Year. It is drawing closer and closer. People from almost all over the world are eagerly waiting for the Happy New Year 2016. For many of us the New Year is another hope for our prosperity, success, new business plans and many other unfinished deeds, which we expect to finish in the New Year. The celebration starts with many hopes in the minds of people that the New Year will bring forth what the old year could not. It is as if the first-born child that grew up and did not come up to the expectation of the parents. The second-born child is born and the parents have pinned their hope in the second child that it will grow up in the way they expect. It works too in the case of both year and child.

Happy New Year 2016 Images

We all celebrate the New Year on January 1st and history says we have been celebrating New Year on this date since 153 B C. It was in Rome the celebrations began on this date. Therefore, the New Year was celebrated on a different date before 153 BC.  Today, we could not imagine how they celebrated it without modern technology to convey New Year greetings, for instance, the cell phones through which you could call your distant friends to greet them on this New Year (2016) occasion or send Happy New Year 2016 SMS.








Happy New Year 2016 Facebook SMS

The modern calendar has 12 months and it starts with the month January. Ancient calendars had only 10 months and they began their first month from March. The New Year was celebrated on March 1st instead of January 1. If you look at the modern calendar the names of the months September, October, November, December implies 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th but became the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th month when January and February were later added. In the very old past different cultures celebrated the New Year day based on their calendars, which were mainly lunar.

As the New Year is nearing we buy the New Year calendars of the coming year with new Happy New Year 2016 Images to hang on the walls and for our computer desktops and other gadgets, we would download Happy New Year 2016 Wallpapers with a 2016 calendar on it from the internet. These wallpapers are available for you to download from the internet. Most of them are free to download and many of them are with Happy New Year 2016 quotes. Buying a calendar or downloading is all a part of the preparation of the celebration of the New Year 2016, just getting ready to leap into the next happy New Year 2016 with all the hopes and expectations for a fresh start.
On the eve of New Year, you greet everyone around regardless of who they are. Perhaps psychology may define greeting in a different way. It is a known fact that when you greet someone, your greeting is the expression of your joy that comes out of your heart. That joy can be the joy of seeing somebody, meeting somebody, being company of somebody, the occasion celebrated or the current moment - they all include in a greeting.  Now, how can you express this joy to people who are very far away from you?

Thanks to the modern technology, this has made it possible for you to send New Year wishes across the globe. In the ancient time, it is an unimaginable task. Today, physical distances do not matter for you to express your happiness to or greet a person far away when New Year comes.  Modern science and technology has reduced the long physical distances. You just have to dial the number of your far away friend to make your voice reach him or to communicate with him. Whenever you want to greet somebody far away, the gadget that comes handy is our cell phone or the smartphones. Using them, calls can be made or Happy New Year 2016 sms greetings can be sent.
Many great men have said that a written communication is always an effective than the oral one. It is same with written greetings but it is more effective when the recipient is far from you. There are Happy New Year 2016 SMSes on the internet. You can Google out a few sites. A little editing would make them fit into your requirement. If you are good at literature, then you can type down such New Year 2016 messages for your friends and send them. If you are in deep love with someone, a girl for instance, surely words dripped with love will flow out of you for her in your greetings. Creation of devotional songs does follow this principle and acts of fanaticism do follow the same principle with just the difference that instead of love there will be hatred.
Express your happiness, greetings and feelings on this eve by sending New Year 2016 Images on your greeting cards in the digital or the physical one. There are many images all over the World Wide Web titled Happy New Year 2016 Images. A great many of these images have New Year quotes written on them. Many of them are available in MMS format for you to send by your mobile phones. Smartphones have internet facilities on them and they are very cheap these days for everyone to buy. In the former years, acquiring a telephone or a television a desktop or laptop was a matter of pride but it is not today. They all are cheaper for anybody to buy. These messages could be e-mailed to everyone you feel special in your heart. There are many types of wallpaper with matching resolutions available for your PC and other devices.

The cell phones are always handy in sending New Year2016 SMSes and for people who have smartphones apart from sending sms they can avail the service of the social networking websites for sending their fellow members. These websites are free to join and you just need to fill in a few details of your personal information. Most of the users or members of these websites access them by their Smartphones or other mobile devices. There are counts of the members of these websites, which shows the wide use of smartphones all over the world.

The Facebook is one of the most popular social networking website and signing up is free. Mark Zuckerberg and his college mates while they were studying at Havard University launched it in February 2004 and at that time its use was limited to students of Havard but later expanded and today it is the most popular social network. As per reports in September 2015 facebook had 1.55 billion active users.

The Facebook website has a feature called UpdateStatus. It permits the members to discuss and share information among other friendly Facebook members. This feature is available in every other social networking websites but goes by different names. If you are already, a member of this website then updating of the Happy New Year 2016 Facebook Status can be done with your new greetings to share them with your Facebook friends. It is a very good way of greeting a large number of your friends, some of them you have not seen in person, living in another country. There are features in Facebook that can help you to create a greeting card.

The status feature of Facebook is a very useful feature to share your opinions. Happy New Year 2016 Facebook Messages are there on the internet websites. These New Year Facebook messages are there for you to copy and update status by pasting them in order to share them with your Facebook friends. If you have joined Facebook then you cannot refrain from celebrating the New Year. The status feature will have lots of messages, best wishes, images and wallpapers for you to share with your friends.

Whatsapp is another such website from where you can download the Whatsapp messenger.  Facebook currently owns it. This acquisition of Facebook is attracting many especially mobile users.  It is also very popular and people use Whatsapp messenger in their smartphones to communicate among themselves. Using Whatsapp messenger any of its members can send messages right away and this mobile app is available for different mobile operating systems. This app can also be used in your PC by following certain steps. It is widely recognized as a mobile app. This too has Happy new year2016 Status similar to Facebook where you can post your Happy New Year 2016 Whatsapp Status Messages.

The New Year Day is also a day for making resolutions for quitting something for example to quit a bad habit or to decide to perceive something even though difficulties and hardships arise or making plans for your career, family or friends. The deeds, plans and promises that were not fulfilled in the old year will be fulfilled in the next year- it is just a hope. It is hope that makes a man live because we do not know whether we will be alive the next day. Spirituality says be thankful to God every day when you wake up because He had given you another opportunity in the form of a day to reach him but we spoil our days with all kinds of tensions and many other dirty habits. Let all our brothers and sisters around the world make a resolution from this New Year Day that they will devote each day to a proper cause, which is beneficial to the suffering humanity all over the globe. Let peace regime over this planet, a world that is green, filled with life and as per ancient literatures connected directly to God.

New Year celebrations do not end just by sending greetings, messages, images, updating your Facebook and Whatsapp status or making resolutions. These are part of the celebrations.
In some countries, New Year is not celebrated on January 1st.  Saudi Arabia is one among them where the country’s police has banned the celebrations and warned people there whether citizen or alien not to celebrated new year on January 1st. They do celebrate New Year but according to their religious calendar which falls in the holy month of Muharam. Well, it is a religion ruled country with many severe rules for both the Saudi and the people from other countries who earn their livelihood.
The second country is Iran where January 1 is not a holiday. Iranians follow a solar calendar and the New Year day falls in the third month of the modern calendar, the Gregorian calendar.  The third country is china but there are not much strict rules like Saudi but it is not celebrated much across the country. It only remains up to sending greeting cards by Chinese to their European friends.  Members of Facebook and Whatsapp could post status messages regardless of where they live in.

However, India is the land of festivals yet it does not celebrate New Year as European countries do but there are no hard and fast rules implemented by the government but it is a business day. The New Year is not declared as a public holiday but people come to offices late on this day because of New Year celebrations at night. Children go to school and wish each other happy new year and of course to their teachers. There will not be much teaching and learning on this day. Now the question is, when in India the New Year is actually celebrated. It has many answers because the country has many states where they all follow different calendars though for some the calendars remain same. The states of Tamil Nadu and the Kerala both have their new year on the same day. In the states of India, they do not have any public holiday for their respective new years.

In India on January 1 most of the business and govt departments remain open but celebrations goes on. Public places like restaurants, theatres and parks find to be teaming with people. People if their work or business permits them then they go on leave and celebrate the New Year with parents, friends, or some other relatives or in some hill resorts in the country. On this occasion, people in other countries do the same. Even firecrackers and fireworks are lighted as in Europe.  So this country cannot be fully avoided as the country which does not celebrate New Year on January 1 st. The celebration starts at midnight. People remain awake to celebrate it. Even if they are working on that day or at midnigh, they celebrate it at their workplace, the call centres for instance. That is the wonder in India.
Indonesia has two celebrations of the New Year, one is the official one that is on January 1 and the other is according to the Islamic Calendar. January 14 is the New Year for the Orthodox Church in Russia. February is the month of New Year celebration in Vietnam and Koreans Celebrate on all the three days starting from January 1.
Noise is somehow the part of the celebrations. The New Year in many countries celebrated with noise. In very good old Thailand, guns were fired on this eve to drive away demons. In China, firecrackers are lighted to flee the dark forces. Americans used fire pistols to make sounds. Italians ring their church bells. Swiss use drums.

Gifts are given on the New Year day in many courtiers. In Rome, nuts or coins are gifted. The Persians gave eggs as gifts to each other because they are the symbol of productiveness. Egyptians bartered pottery and in Scotland silverwares, bread and coal were the gifts on New Year celebrations.
Liquor has always been a part of celebration from our past but those liquors were naturally made and they were healthy like the wines. Wines do make their way in New Year celebrations especially in Holland where toasts are made with spiced wine.  Modern liquors also form the part of celebrations for the drunkards and it affect their health of which they do not care at all.
People across the globe celebrate New Year in one or the other way by taking leave either from work or by having a public holiday. At midnight 12 as per their time zones, almost all the countries await and celebrate the New Year.  We all know that there are different time zones across the globe and because of this the celebrations starts as per their time zones. When New Year is celebrated in a country at midnight in Europe, a country in Asia may not celebrate it but does celebrate at midnight as per its time zone. Therefore, there is a time difference in celebrations because of various time zones.

When the old year goes with unfulfilled desires and businesses, the New Year comes with hopes for everything unfulfilled in the previous year to be fulfilled. For one and all let there be true happiness that never ends in this new year and let that happiness bring peace on this planet and let the modern man relax and think of the real goal of his life for which he has to prepare and reach before he goes to sleep.

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